Wallaroo Loose Upstate as Animals Reclaim New York


Yesterday we had a runaway cow in Queens. Now it is reported there’s a three-foot-tall wallaroo, a marsupial related to the kangaroo, hopping around in Canastota, New York near the thruway. His name is Bandit, and police say that it escaped from a “traveling petting zoo” three weeks ago. They caution people to stay away from Bandit, though the creature is believed to be so tame and unaccustomed to the wild — even the suburban New York wild — that it is in danger from attacks by local dogs and cats.

We seem to be getting a lot of this. Some time back we told you about the feral parrots that were giving Con Ed a hard time in Queens, messing up their transformers with their nests. Con Ed tried reviving the mechanical owl with which they had scared off the wild bird before — to no avail. Between them and the bedbugs, it seems New York is reverting to a state of nature. The severed snake head a Clifton Park man found in his broccoli at T.G.I Friday’s was a warning! Well, they told us this would happen.

Update: An alert commenter reminds us of the geese strikes against planes leaving JFK. Mother Nature’s shock troops are moving aggressively, yet we remain oblivious! If only they weren’t so darned cute.