Today’s Top Medical Headlines


Washington University in St. Louis, “Cell Phone Ringtones Can Pose Major Distraction, Impair Recall” (“When we played the [LSU] fight song as part of our lab experiments, the distraction factor lasted longer”).

University of Arkansas at Little Rock, “Historian Blames ‘Criminalization of Poverty’ for Irish Abuse” (“Maguire said court records, as well as the records of the [Irish] Department of Education, show that physical and sexual violence against children was widespread in the Ireland of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s… ‘The middle class viewed poverty as a crime and this was the result'”).

Brigham Young University, “Dirty Words in Teen Flicks Getting Flushed” (“Teenagers catching a teen movie this summer can expect to hear half as many swear words as their parents did 25 years ago… The 1980s movies averaged 35 instances of profanity per film, while that figure dropped to 25 profanities per flick in the 1990s and dropped again to 16 instances a show in the 2000s”).

Loyola University, “Loyola Center for Fitness Gives Tips on Making the Most Out of Your Yard Work” (“3. When raking, change the movement and alternate the sides of your body to ensure you are working them equally”).