Gillibrand Continues to Rack Up Way-Early Endorsements


She’s new on the job, almost half her constituents can’t give an answer when asked about her performance, and her next election is over 16 months away, but Senator Kirsten Gillibrand continues to rack up endorsements. Friday Al Sharpton and Congressman Gregory Meeks came out for her, and now House members Nydia Velazquez and Edolphus Towns have done the same. And though her opposition within the Democratic Party is thought to be due to her relatively un-progressive politics, she has people sticking up for her at Daily Kos (“While there are still a broad array of issues that Senator Gillibrand has yet to vote or write on(immigration, gun-control, and energy to name a few), the results thus far have been very positive”). It seems the only New York incumbents who aren’t a lock for renomination, if not reelection, in the foreseeable future are Governor Paterson and city council member Alan Gerson. Guess people must be pretty satisfied with their government, huh?