Howard Dean Endorses Josh Skaller for Council


Here’s an unexpected endorsement — not because we thought he would endorse someone else, but because we didn’t expect him to be involved in a New York city council race: Howard Dean, former Presidential candidate and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is at this moment endorsing Josh Skaller for the Brooklyn seat formerly held by current public advocate candidate Bill DeBlasio. Though President of the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, at whose offices the endorsement is taking place, Skaller has no elective political experience, he has great progressive credentials: he graduated from Hampshire College, he ran Harvard’s Computer Music Studio, he works with Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, and he has been endorsed by DDDB’s Daniel Goldstein, Democracy For America, former NYCLU chairman Norman Siegel, and Passages author Gail Sheehy, among others. Also, he worked on Dean’s Presidential campaign. These are meaningful credentials in Skaller’s district, which includes Cobble Hill, Park Slope and Carroll Gardens and has a sizable liberal constituency, though his opponents for the nomination, with the exception of this guy, aren’t exactly blue dogs either.

Photo (cc) nmfblhop