Yankees Have Edge, Empty Seats in Latest Subway Series


The Mets and Yankees start a three-game stand at Yankee Stadium today, and though the papers are banging the drum, some tickets remain on sale. You will probably have to settle for standing room, and good luck moving down to those empty $1,250 seats.

Mets manager Jerry Manuel is playing down his squad’s chances, calling the Yankees the “dominant team” in the city. Manuel may just be trying to rile his team, but the citizens apparently share his assessment, favoring the Yankees 34 to 25 percent. However, 34 percent in the poll conducted by the New York Times with Cornell University and NY1 News were undecided, leaving a crucial swing vote which this series may help peel off for one side or the other.

If anything, we fear the Yankees are more likely to benefit. They have a significant home field advantage, with their smaller new park rewarding their propensity to swing for the fences. “As they say in Star Wars,” assesses Mets Police, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

The Yankees are coming off a sweep by the Red Sox, while the Mets just lost a heartbreaker to their archrivals, the Phillies. Tonight’s starting pitchers are Livan Hernandez and Joba Chamberlain.

Update: The Empire State Building people tell us that they will celebrate the winner of this series by lighting ESB Monday night in Mets orange and blue, or Yankees blue and white, depending. There’s a lot riding on this, people, besides our double sawbuck.