Letterman Palin Joke Nonsense Continues


The latest development in this inappropriate joke mishegas is that Letterman came up with an even longer and more obsequious apology, and a fat lot of good it did him. Dan Collins declares himself done with the subject (whew), but others still want him expunged from CBS. “It’s still not clear that he understands what he’s apologizing for,” says Allahpundit; apparently Letterman needs re-education. “Sooner or later,” says Puma PAC with stars in its eyes, “it WILL become as unacceptable to make jokes about slutty flight attendants and sexual assault as it is to make ‘jokes’ about watermelon and gorillas.” You can bet that’s not the entirety of their list of proscribed subjects, either. Little Miss Attila traces Letterman’s war against women to his earlier, funnier show and an attack upon the dignity of Joan Collins. The Fire David Letterman rally is still on for tomorrow afternoon.