New York Anti-Letterman Rally Draws Dozens


We dropped by that Fire David Letterman protest across the street from the Ed Sullivan Theater. The Daily News says there were about 50 people there, but we put it closer to 100 if you include the rubberneckers. Indeed, there were about four or five times as many protesters as reporters and cameramen, who competed for pearls of wisdom or lunacy from the crowd. “I have a conservative blog!” one nice young man in a button-down shirt offered. “Women are being debased, Christians are being degraded! Anything’s funny now!”

The protesters with the best hair — we got a sense they were organizers — seemed to draw the the most media attention (“I can assure you,” said one such, “I am not getting paid for this”) while the proles milled in the protest pen and had little debates with passers-by, e.g., “What was the deficit when Clinton left?” “What is it now with this guy?” etc.

“Where’s the mainstream media?” asked one lady of no one in particular. “Where’s CNN? NBC? Only Fox!” Actually we saw a woman from Air America but decided not to point her out.

There were also a few counter-protesters just a few feet away, doing funny voices and making fun of the folks in the adjacent pen. “Why can’t I be in their cage?” asked one. “You’re with the lunatics,” replied a protester, “where ya belong!”

Back and forth went the enlightened Socratic dialogues — “If he had said anything like that about my daughter,” “He said ‘knocked up,’ he did not say ‘rape’!” — and some of them, we’re sure, are still going on, perhaps over a lovely dinner at Ruby Foo’s.