On Day of Rent Increases, Landlords Show Their Human Side in Ads


As the Albany coup has pretty much killed the proposed new rent laws, and a Rent Guidelines Board hearing is set for tonight that will certainly not go the tenants’ way, the group that represents landlords has seen fit to advertise their humanity to the people who live in their buildings. The Times describes the Rent Stabilization Association’s recent radio ads, in which the ordinary working joes who house, supply running water and exterminator service to, and sometimes evict us speak for themselves. One says, “I use my second income as a nurse to pay fuel bills and make repairs,” as birds chirp in the background, perhaps signifying her tenants’ new outdoor living conditions if Nurse Landlord is pressured by tenant groups into abandoning her property or burning it down for the insurance. They even address councilmember Bill de Blasio’s call for a rent freeze, saying that if the city freezes rents it should also freeze property taxes, which is also unlikely. With the Board set to approve fat rent increases of 4.5 percent for one-year leases and 4 percent to 7.5 percent for two-year leases, one wonders why they bother. Maybe they’re trying to keep tenants from pelting them with rotten fruit or keying their cars.