Mets Meet Furries on the Road, Announcer Freaks Out


The Mets pulled one out last night despite scoring only one run, but God still hates them and sent a plague of furries to throw them off before their upcoming series with the Pirates. Thus far only Mets announcer Kevin Burkhardt is known to have been affected. He was disturbed to find that the Pittsburgh hotel in which the Amazin’s were lodge was also playing host to Anthrocon (“Fur, Fun, and So Much More!”). “Our hotel in Pittsburgh is overrun with people dressed up as animals,” he twittered. “I have seen it all and I am freaked out.” He sent visual evidence and, early this morning, updated that “I am so disturbed I can’t go to sleep.” Team members have not reacted publicly, but we’ve heard rumors that one of the relief pitchers spent the night with Smurfette. Good thing for Burkhardt no one showed up as Mr. Met.