Palin Legal Team Attacks Voice, City Slickers


In today’s rightbloggers column we mention a letter (pdf) from Sarah Palin’s lawyers threatening legal action against reporters, bloggers, and anyone else who would, in their words, “propagate defamatory material” against the soon-to-be-former Governor of Alaska. Only a few specific individuals were mentioned in this legal throwdown, and we would like to mention that our own Wayne Barrett is among them, albeit in a footnote regarding the “canard” about Palin’s house and the enduring mysteries of its funding and construction. We have not passed the bar ourselves, but the language of the note reads to us as most unlawyerly:

“Wayne Barrett, a writer for the left wing Village Voice, published these insinuations, on October 7, 2008 in a story entitled ‘The Book of Sarah’ available at This was written in the style of one pretending to be amazed that so many people in a small town like Wasilla appear to know one another, support one another, and take on big projects together. Apparently that is uncommon in New York. Rather than recognize that leaders of a community often mobilize to accomplish projects, the writer offered this up as an unusual and questionable association of special interests.”

Clearly someone on Team Sarah is mad at Wayne and us decadent city folk who spend too much time composing witty aperçus and taking drugs to raise barns like decent folk. Whoops, was that defamatory? Well, at least a spell on the chain gang will get us out in the sun.