Cleaver Attack in Bay Ridge Latest in a Series


The most newsworthy assaults are those with unique keywords, like “cleaver.” Qi Xian Huang’s wife “accidentally swept dirt over his feet while cleaning” in their Bay Ridge apartment, says the Daily News, so he hit her in the head with a meat cleaver. Shao Ling Ye is in critical condition at Lutheran Hospital; Qi Xian Huang (his name is rendered as Youshening Huang in the New York Post) is in custody. Acquaintances describe him as “peaceful” and a jogger, though another tenant’s Post account has the wife lying on the ground with Youshening standing over her “showing no remorse.”

Elsewhere in cleaver news:

In Australia a few months back Hoa Thai Nguyen hacked a relative’s arms and thigh in the family bakery where they both worked. He was recently denied bail and the right to return to work with the man he hacked. In Palo Alto, California, last month some busboys got into a kitchen fight over their work hours, and Chunren Chen sliced open chef Zezhong Yang’s face, for which he has been arrested.

Lest you think this is an Asian thing, last month Pocono Township, Pennsylvania cops finally brought in Robert G. Giardini, 66, for beating to death a fellow drug dealer with the dull end of a cleaver in 2004. And in Floyd County, Georgia, David Wayne Brown was taken into custody Friday for menacing a woman with a meat cleaver. Say, maybe it’s time for some legislation. Photo (cc) Mark Coggins.