Enquirer: Gandolfini Tosses Intruder from God of Carnage Stage (Update: Story Bogus, Says Publicist)


Our sympathies with the guy who got thrown out of Yankee Stadium (and got paid for it) are obvious, but we side with James Gandolfini in his recent ejection of a fan who really overstepped his bounds, reported by the National Enquirer (yeah, we know, but why would they fake something like this? And they were right about Edwards!). Last week, the esteemed publication says, some schnook went up on stage during the intermission of God of Carnage, the Tony-winning show in which Gandolfini stars, and took a seat on the set reserved for the actor. The man expressed his interest in meeting Gandolfini, but was met instead by Gandolfini’s hands, which busied themselves “tossing the man into the wings” of the Bernard W. Jacobs Theatre, where house security took care of the intruder.

The Daily Star amplifies with an alleged description of the audience reaction by an unnamed cast member: “When they realised it wasn’t [part of the show], they started chanting ‘Tony, Tony’ and applauded as he kicked the guy out like he was hurling someone out the door of the Bada Bing club.” That sure sounds like something Marcia Gay Harden would say! Areweright, people?

Update: A spokesperson for production publicists Boneau/Bryan-Brown tells us the story is “completely untrue — right down to the fact that God of Carnage doesn’t have an intermission.” We definitely don’t get out to the theater enough. The spokesperson also says she has tried to contact the Enquirer about this story, but to our surprise they have not responded. Maybe there’s something wrong with their phones. Image (cc) Karen Apricot New Orleans.