Lenny Dykstra Goes Bankrupt


They used to call him Nails, and now he’s hanging by them. It’s all been downhill for Lenny Dykstra since the veteran of the ’86 World Champion New York Mets cut a rakish figure in a New Yorker profile early last year as a celebrated stock-picker and car-wash and publishing mogul. In November he settled a massive tax-preparer debt in court. Then his businesses started attracting lawsuits, his debts mounted, his column at got pulled, and his wife filed for divorce. Now he’s going Chapter 11. Suits continue to swirl around him, but “this action will provide Mr. Dykstra time to reorganize his estate,” his lawyer says, and “successfully challenge the multitude of meritless claims that have been made against him.” We think he should follow the lead of his old teammate Wally Backman and manage a team. His optimism may have let him down business-wise, but its may prove usefully infectious on a ballclub.