Kid Tries Ride-and-Dash in Staten Island, Gets Unexpected Trip to Police Station


Here’s how the cabbies roll in Staten Island: a bunch of kids tried to play games with an unnamed taxi driver this morning, requesting a ride from Brighton to Stapleton. When it came time to pay, they offered the cabbie crack instead of cash, which he apparently refused, as shortly thereafter they all started tumbling out of the cab. 16-year-old Damon Mitchell, however, was not so fast on his feet, and was stuck in the cab while the driver drove at a rapid clip to the local police station. Mitchell kicked out a window en route, but did not escape before his apprehension at the 120th Precinct in St. George. Mitchell argued in his defense that he did not have enough money to pay the fare, which did not sway prosecutors who have charged him with theft of services and misdemeanor criminal mischief, says the ever-delightful Staten Island Advance, whom we thank for the reminder that not all juvenile crime in the borough is committed by relatives of its public officials. Photo (cc) Tomas Fano.