Locals Protest Protest Brighton Beach Theater at Tonight’s Oldies Concert


Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz wants to replace the bandshell at Asser Levy/Seaside Park in Brighton Beach/Coney Island with a large, $64 million, roofed amphitheater that can accommodate 8,000 people (Grimshaw Architects rendering pictured). But it seems a lot of the locals don’t want it. A City Limits report on the blowback portrays their opposition as based on the “negative environmental, as well as social, impact on the neighborhood,” but the Daily News says members of a nearby synagogue are looking to use a law against “amplified sound within 500 feet of religious institutions” to block the theater.

No word yet as to whether they plan to call the cops on opening night of the Seaside Summer Concert Series in the Park, set to start tonight with Creedence Clearwater Revival Revisited, Mountain, and John Sebastian. City Limits says these concerts are “tolerated because the events are few per year.” Still, the law is the law. In any case, amphitheater opponents do plan to picket the event.

Meanwhile a challenger to Markowitz for the beep’s office, Eugene Myrick, says he’d take the money earmarked for the theater and use it on school and community programs and public housing instead.