Beastie Boys Cancel Shows/Push Back Album: Adam Yauch Diagnosed With (Treatable) Parotid Gland Tumor


Alarming news: Per the video update above, Adam Yauch has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his parotid (salivary) gland and will start treatment, including radiation, immediately, which will both set back the new Beasties record Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 and force the cancellation of their upcoming tour dates: Though they don’t specify any shows specifically, the gist seems to be “all of them,” including, alas, their headlining spot on day 1 of the All Points West fest in Jersey two weeks hence. We’re waiting to hear confirmation from APW folks now about this, but it don’t look good.

As the clip also makes clear: The cancer is strictly localized, doesn’t affect his voice, and is in most cases fully treatable/recoverable. Godspeed.