Hey, Did You Notice That Was a Matt & Kim Song in the Promos for the NBC Fall Comedy Community?


Just about fell off the couch last night, when parked in a post-Siren stupor I heard Matt & Kim’s “Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare” wafting from the TV. But there it was–the stadium-bleacher foot-stomp, Matt’s soaring Ahhhhhhhhhhs, the joyous piano tinkling–scoring a 30-second spot for the upcoming NBC sitcom Community. (This isn’t the first time one of the our hometown heroes’ tunes have been on primetime: “Daylight,” another carefree single from 2009’s Grand, has already been in a Bacardi commercial, and feted properly in a rum-sponsored tour.) Community looks promising, slated this fall for the coveted Thursday 8pm spot before the Parks and Recreation/The Office/30 Rock trifecta, featuring Chevy Chase, and directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, who worked on the brilliant, long lamented Arrested Development. Anyway, music-supervisor types, if you’re looking for a song to fit that midseason Brooklyn-barista drama, the hour-long ensemble one pitched as “Friends-without-the-jokes-meets-Singles-without-the-grunge,” may we suggest this?