Yes In My Backyard: Download Inoculist’s “Provenence”


Yes In My Backyard is a semiweekly column showcasing new and emerging MP3s from local talent. Recently, we’ve given you the video premiere of Renminbi’s “Set Up,” Liturgy’s “Ecstatic Rite,” and Werewolves’ “Dora Gerson.”

Inoculist is an almost confrontationally mellow band, somewhere between Low and the post-Vashti folkaverse–stark guitars abedded by syrupy swirls, glockenspiels, and perfect “off” guy-girl harmonies like Richard and Linda or John and Exene. Lead Inoculator John Hunter is brother of Jana, herself a folkie dreamer, and the two of them are sharing split sides of a 7″ released by up-and-coming weirdo-wranglers Heart Break Beat. This Friday, both artists are sharing the bill of a release party at Bruar Falls, so expect to hear Inoculist’s contribution, “Provenence,” an austere apologia that sounds lusher than something recorded in a Bushwick loft deserves to be.

John Hunter of Inoculist on “Provenence”

What is this song about?

It’s about me and my little brother growing up in Texas, and wanting to leave behind the influence of that period on our lives. I wrote the lyrics after my brother moved to New York to live with me. I had not really hung out with him as an adult for any period of time. I was surprised at our differences and similarities. I wanted to document them.

How do you guys get in the mood to create something so mellow and austere?

I’m tempted to quote Neil Hamburger: “That’s my life!” But thats definitely something that just happens. It’s harder for me to not be those things than to be them.

Is it hard to make quiet music in such a loud city?

No, not really. Sometimes at shows if we get put on a bill with a bunch of rock bands. The degree to which you want to be isolated in New York is very much the degree to which you are.

Can you tell us something about growing up with Jana Hunter that no one would know?

She hits hard.

Download: [audio-1]

Inoculist plays Bruar Falls this Friday with Jana Hunter.

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