Yes In My Backyard: Download Werewolves’ “Dora Gerson” MP3


Yes In My Backyard is a semiweekly column showcasing new and emerging MP3s from local talent. Recently, we’ve given you the Beets’ “Don’t Fit In My Head” and the exclusive video for Motel Motel’s “Coffee”

Brooklyn’s Werewolves brandish psych textures like weapons. Black Mountaineers without the Black Sabbath, but still heavy as hell. Organ drones, sparkling guitars, echoey everything, riffs that repeat forever. Fans of Black Flag and La Monte Young, they’re a heavy rock band mutated through through a conceptual artist’s lens, more intent on making a riff that will frazzle your noggin rather than stick in your brain. Their upcoming album Dance Raincoat Glass (BNS Sessions/Plays With Dolls), radiates from every corner like an angry Deerhunter, and “Dora Gerson” is no exception. Named after the actress who was killed at Auschwitz, the track is far more upbeat than the title implies, though the androgynous vocals do scream out “Don’t let them get you” as the track shuttles forward.

And, yeah, the track cuts off. They’re working on fixing it. It’s fixed.

Werewolves on “Dora Gerson”

What is this song about?

It is a letter to the German actress who was killed at Auschwitz. The meaning is urgency.

What were you aiming for on the new album?

We were going for a high-fidelity sound, going against the grain of all the lo-fi stuff that is happening now–something structured but not deviating from what moves us, the experimental aspect of sound and recording. Half of the album was written prior to going into the studio while the rest was completed at the studio during which a blizzard was occurring. The blizzard resonated with us and took us into a different realm which inspired the improvisational aspect and elements that seemed to bring everything together.

You guys are into a lot of minimalist composers… When do you break that stuff out in the tour van?

As soon as possible and whenever we can.