Pix From Liman Turkish Seafood Restaurant in Sheepshead Bay


Fried fresh anchovies at Liman–cheap, sustainable, delicious.

Today Counter Culture swims into Liman, a Turkish seafood restaurant perched on the pouting cement lip of Sheepshead Bay. Stroll the bay in the early evening, as party fishing boats dock, and fishers swarm over the bows, bearing catch. Peak in the window of Randazzo’s Clam Bar, and maybe stop in for a half-dozen Sicilian baked clams. Finally, arrive at Liman, near the eastern end of the bay and dangling above it, looking somewhat ramshackle. Forge onward though the crowd for some pictures of Liman’s best dishes.

Salad of rocket (arugula) with a few token tomatoes and a sharp vinaigrette is the perfect intro to a seafood feed.

You can see why these feta-stuffed bureks are sometimes known as “Fingers of Fatima.”

A cooling and chewy salad of octopus, laced with plenty of garlic, is just the ticket for a summer evening.

For carnivores, the charcoal-grilled kofte can’t be beat, and are cost effective!

Charcoal-grilled whole fish are a specialty at Liman.

Well-browned milk pudding (thickened with rice starch) is the ideal end to the meal.

Done with your meal? Slip through the assembled throng of Turks into the cool night air.

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