R. Kelly’s “Number One” Is About What You’re Assuming It’s About


Yahoo! Music–now exclusively premiering sexually suggestive male/female duet videos! We’re not entirely sold on R. Kelly and Keri Hilson’s “Number One”–it’s like “#1 Fan,” (which isn’t old yet at all!), but not quite as good. Still: Kells and The-Dream are in an white-knuckle race to see who can sing the word “hater” better, and though Dream has had this competition on lock ever since he actually wrote a song called “Hater,” Kelly is bidding for supremacy with his first verse here. More ambiguously good news: he’s coming to New York on October 16th. On a “Ladies Make Some Noise!” tour. Good to see that even after all this time, he’s not taking it for granted.

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