R.I.P. New York DJ Josh Link


New York DJ Josh Link died in a tragic accident on Monday afternoon. The 29 year-old from Long Island was riding his Vespa across the Williamsburg Bridge when he was hit by a black sedan and thrown from his bike. Witnesses say that he was wearing a helmet and the accident was caused by the bike stalling in traffic.

Link, better known as “Missing Link” from his drum n bass days, had been a DJ in New York for over 10 years. Back in the day, he was known to throw electronic dance parties that catered to techno/dnb/jungle-folk, and was recognized as a key player in the local EDM scene. Over the past few years Link took a more diverse approach to dance music, moving away from illegal outdoor raves and on to a variety of corporate events and downtown hotspots, including residencies at Greenhouse, Ella, The Box, and RDV.

Friends and the NYC DJ-community have been paying their respects to Link since Monday night. Some held a candle-light vigil on the Williamsburg Bridge. Others have been posting memories and photos of their friend on twitter and blogs. All remember his kindness (including work with non-profit organizations to help the disabled find jobs), great sense of humor, undeniable musical talent, and contagious good-spirit. His death seems to have struck even those who didn’t know him or his music–a sad reminder that these things can happen without explanation or good reason.

A funeral service for friends and family was held earlier today at Midway Jewish Center in Syosset, New York. Private services will take place at Link’s family home in Long Island on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday.