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Tavern on the Green Under New Management — For First Time in 33 Years


Notorious Central Park tourist trap Tavern on the Green will for the first time in 33 years be run by somebody other than the LeRoy family, who have been responsible for its mothy elegance since the 70s: Dean Poll, who runs the Central Park Boathouse, described by Eater as “another disappointing but beautiful tourist trap,” will take over in December. Poll brings a $25 million capital investment plan, which exceeded the reach of the remaining contenders (the LeRoys and Capitale owner Seth Greenberg) in the Parks Department’s review.

Poll tells NBC that he’ll do a “major renovation” of TotG. “I think the way the LeRoys did it was proper for the seventies. But now it is a new time.” Not sure what he means, except reports indicate it will be ecologically “green,” and feature one room done up as a tribute to the 1950s. And Poll plans to “eliminate that maze of a hallway,” so we’re with him on that at least.

Something else that might change is the name — the LeRoys own the rights to it. Photo (cc) hmerinomx.



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