Western Beef for Real: Staten Island Woman, Knocked Out On Line, Sues Store for $1 Million


The delightful Staten Island Advance informs us that in July Clivia Hayes was standing in line at the Stapleton Western Beef when the woman in front of her argued with the checkout clerk over the quality of some crabs. When Hayes muttered that the crabs “looked fine,” she says, the woman hit her in the head, knocking her unconscious. Because the store personnel did not detain the woman, who vanished, Hayes is suing Western Beef for $1 million.

Some Advance commenters suggest the story be made into a sitcom: “Mrs. Hayes sues Western Beef and she wins the case, only the supervisor and the security guard can’y pay her the settlement. So the agree to be her butler and chaufer.” Others, presuming the plaintiff is black (“The name Clivia Hayes says it all peeps”), give remarks like, “There are just too many people in this country that are looking for the easy way to cash in. obama and his crew are fueling this craziness.” Frequent commenter wretched1 observes, “She’s lucky she wasn’t in Pathmark on Forest on check day, or she’d be toast.”