Outrage Du Jour! Utah Kids See Old Obama Video; Rightbloggers Cry Hitler


A teacher principal and PTA leaders at Eagle Bay Elementary School in Farmington, Utah showed students the “I Pledge” video created back in January by some celebrities (or, in the customary rightwing usage, “celebutards”) like and Demi Moore, with such fanciful oaths as “to smile more, to laugh more,” “to always find the humor in everything,” and “to never give anyone the finger when I’m driving again.”

The spin, as regular readers may have guessed already, is that Barack Obama is Hitler.

“It’s the sort of thing Leni Riefenstahl might have done,” says Never Yet Melted. Rumbler Report compares it to the Hitler Youth.

Some suggest other tyrants to whom Obama may be compared. “Mussolini, eat your heart out,” says Ruminations in Seriatim. “Well, a fascist state needs a strongman to idolize. The US long ago became comfortably ensconced within the boundaries of fascism. We had FDR as a strongman…” ” Is this not Mao? Castro? Chavez?” roars Manzoniman. (He also counter-pledges “I pledge to eat Oreos, heavily laden with trans-fat,” which we suspect represents no sacrifice for him.)

“As if I needed any more evidence to bolster today’s column about the Obama junior lobbyist campaign in America’s schools,” fumes Michelle Malkin. “I Pledge to Rat Out My Parents,” says Sundries Shack. “Very scary stuff,” says Face Forward.

In a lengthy analysis, RightPundits finds the anti-giving-the-finger pledge, and the pledge of “allegiance to the funk, to the united funk of funkadelica,” to be “just way too much liberal-ese for me and apparently for this community as well” — which, given that it’s in Utah, is probably right.

Many of the rightbloggers seem to think the video is new and sponsored by Obama himself. All agree it is brainwashing, as is the planned video address by Obama to schoolkids (for which the accompanying teachers’ guide has been scaled back in deference to their complaints), and all government attempts to try and get students to do public service, which was one of the evils from which our forefathers fought to save us in the American Revolution.

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