Spitzer Dragged Into News Again, Donates Teaching Salary


A secondary story to the tale of Eliot Spitzer’s alleged thirst for more, more elective office has been that he’s now teaching a course at CCNY, which has provoked its own cartoons and commentary. Now the Times finds itself inundated with complaints because they quoted a school spokesman who described Spitzer’s compensation, $4,500 for the semester or $98.43 an hour, as “standard adjunct scale pay.” Turns out CCNY adjuncts usually get between $62.95 (lecturer) and $85.38 (professor) Scandal!

The union complains that “unlike Mr. Spitzer, thousands of adjuncts at the City University live on their substandard CUNY salaries, often less than $30,000 a year.” The school says, for one thing, Spitzer was an attorney general and a freaking governor, which are “quite incredible credentials,” and that Spitzer wanted to decline salary but was forced to take it by union rules.

Now it turns out Spitzer will donate his salary back to the school “to pay for scholarships.” But questions remain! Will he be too high and mighty to hang out in the faculty lounge? Who’s that attractive co-ed he’s talking to after class? Etc.

Also, as every teacher knows, hourly wages do not take prep and grading into account. Ashley Dupre, who has not yet blogged about this, was paid $4,000 an hour when she worked with Spitzer.