More Bits of the Walter Cronkite Memorial Service


Buzz Aldrin approves of Cronkite’s coverage of Apollo 11, “explaining each procedure so that the waking world knew what was coming next.”

Andy Rooney, who memorably choked up at the original service, plays it safe with a taped tribute from his 60 Minutes crank-desk. He referred to his own suspension for “inappropriate remarks,” and Cronkite’s offer to use his “residual good will with the American people” and take him to dinner.

Mickey Hart invited Cronkite to a Grateful Dead concert and “he loved it.” Also says Cronkite was a “great drummer.” Then, an instrumental! Is that Mr. Acker Bilk?

Harry Radliffe: “Walter came out in his boxer shorts and asked if I wanted a drink.” Ergo: “Walter was comfortable in his own skin.”

Linda Mason, the first female producer on the CBS Evening News, suggested changes to a segment. “We should make those changes,” said Cronkite, “and not because it’s a women’s-lib thing.” Also: “He loved a good fire.”