Monserrate’s Girlfriend’s Testimony Not Going So Well


Karla Giraldo, girlfriend of state senator Hiram Monserrate and alleged victim of his attack with a broken glass, had a confrontational time on the stand today in Monserrate’s trial. Giraldo seemed inclined to defend the senator (“I’m the one that got angry”), leading prosecutors to ask the judge to classify her as a hostile witness, which he refused to do. Giraldo and prosecutors sparred over whether she was intoxicated at the time of the incident. Though she had previously told a grand jury that she’d only had a few glasses of wine, Giraldo finally said today in exasperation, “What do you want me to tell you? I was drunk.” She also cried and ran out of the courtroom when prosecutors showed the video of her running around Monserrate’s apartment building and being dragged away by the senator. Fave quote: When asked how much she made at her job, Giraldo asked, “Your honor, is it important that I answer something personal?”