Bloomberg Comes Out Stronger for Outdoor Smoking Ban


When news broke that the city sought to ban smoking outdoors at parks and beaches, Mayor Bloomberg tried to backpedal a little: he said he just wanted “to see if smoking in parks has a negative impact on people’s health,” and that “it may not be logistically possible to enforce a ban across thousands of acres, but there may be areas within parks where restricting smoking can protect health.”

Yesterday he sounded more aggressive. “The public is overwhelmingly in favor of banning it in parks as well,” he said of the ban currently applied to many indoor spaces,” he said at a Queens campaign stop, “So, you know, we’ll get that done.”

He’s probably talking about the September 24 Quinnipiac poll that showed likely voters in favor of such a ban, 52-43 percent. It’s a winner with voters, and it takes away another of our few remaining liberties: What’s not to like? Next up: Bloomberg bans farts.