Bloomberg-Thompson Debate Blah Blah Who Cares It’s Over We’re Fucked


The Times recaps the Bloomberg-Thompson debate, which from their reading sounds like something that would change no one’s mind. Bloomberg shrugs off the term limits debate (“In the end, on Nov. 3, we’ll have a vote on what really matters”), is made to “fidget with his fingers” when people mock his Spanish, asserts that “the future of the city for real estate is still quite strong ” (meaning it will continue to be scarce and expensive) and attacks Thompson as a lousy President of the Board of Education; Thompson denounces Bloomberg’s term limits overthrow, thunders that “no one has ever received favor from my office for a nickel of contributions,” calls for “smart growth and fair growth,” and says the Mayor’s “golf game has shown great improvement.”

We miss Tony Avella. At least Green Party candidate Billy Talen heckled the Mayor from the audience: “What are you doing here, Mike? We voted for term limits!” In a statement Rev. Billy said, “The missing voice tonight was the voice of New York City’s neighborhoods, which Bloomberg and the Democrats have victimized in their lust for the bubble-based economies of tourism, chain stores and Wall Street…”

No one gives a shit. The Correction Officers Benevolent Association broke form and endorsed Thompson today, but the latest SurveyUSA poll shows Bloomberg up 55-38 percent. Unemployment is over 10 percent, and we’re on the verge of re-re-electing a Mayor who sought dispensation from term limits on the grounds of his terrific business acumen.

Another mayoral debate is scheduled for October 27th.