Daggett lost on ballot in NJ Gov race


The Newark Star-Ledger, which shook up the NJ gubernatorial election by endorsing Independent candidate Chris Daggett over incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine and Republican Chris Christie, is questioning whether voters who agree with them will be able to find him on the ballot.

Candidates who are not running for a party which got at least 10% of the vote in the previous election are on a section of the ballot called “NOMINATION BY PETITION,” which in this election contains candidates from the Fair Election, Socialist, and They All Laughed parties.

Matters are complicated for insurgents who might want to distribute sample ballots showing their ballot position by the fact that ballot designs in NJ vary by county. Richard Winger of Ballot Access News says that NJ is the only state which allows counties to design their own ballots.

Daggett, who is currently pulling 20% of the vote in polls, is not running as the candidate of a party. His campaign attempted to challenge the ballot system in court, but a judge declined to decide the issue on an accelerated timeline.

The Star-Ledger blames lack of reform on selfishness on the parts of the Democratic and Republican parties, and laxness by the courts. A cursory site search did not turn up previous articles on the issue.