Tonight! The Long Winters, TMBG, The Wrens (Well, One Of ‘Em), and The Long Count




So if the idea of Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar singing songs inspired by a Jack Kerouac novel fills you with delight, than by all means, hit Webster Hall tonight. If you’re hostile or indifferent, though, go anyway: The Long Winters are opening. John Roderick is perhaps the finest purveyor of sensitive, erudite, gently clever, Believer-subscriber-baiting indie rock; as his ongoing YouTube series attests (see above), he’s making lots of progress on his new album.

Somewhat random but pretty rad bill at Music Hall of Williamsburg: They Might Be Giants, Nada Surf, and Charles Bissel, he of the Wrens, who apparently don’t have a YouTube series about how slowly they’re making their next album. It’s a benefit for the Northside Town Hall Cultural Center.

Finally, tonight Bam premieres The Long Count, some sort of arty multimedia extravaganza starring the National’s fabulous Dessner brothers, visual artist Matthew Ritchie, a 12-piece orchestra, Kim and Kelley Deal, and National frontman Matt Berninger. It runs Friday and Saturday too; expect “songs thick with primordial mystery.” Like something out of a Kerouac novel.