Albany “Man Cave” Workers Plead Guilty, Will Get Prison for Goofing Off on Job


Those two Albany government workers who were getting high and taking naps in a “man cave” when they should have been janitoring and supervising, respectively, have pleaded guilty and are expected to do time: They’ll be sentenced in January, and are expected to get 12 and 16 months, respectively. Other sources say the supervisor, Louis Marciano, will get five years probation while the janitor, Gary Pivoda, will get the 12 months in jail. Both men worked for the Office of General Services, from which they have been forced to resign.

Though selling drugs was on the menu of charges to which they pleaded, the main beef seems to be theft of services, which amounts to about $3,600 by the court’s reckoning, and on which the two men must make restitution. This puts us in sympathy with Pivoda and Marciano — if you can’t good off on a government job, where can you goof off? Don’t answer that — soon, we fear, your boss won’t just yell at you for goldbricking — he’ll also serve you with an injunction.