Outrage Du Jour: Sarah Palin in Shorts


Newsweek has on its cover a picture of Sarah Palin in shorts from her Runners’ World shoot, which Sarah Palin herself has denounced as “sexist.” For a moment we thought this was a Carrie Prejean thing, but apparently Palin knew Runners World would publish photos of her in shorts, and she objects to their repurposing because… well, we’re not sure why. So we turn to rightbloggers to explain it.

“Newsweek is a joke,” explains Conservative American. “It should be called democratweek magazine, or liberalweek, or perhaps the best name would be ObamaWeek magazine.” “For Runner’s World it’s appropriate,” says Caffeinated Thoughts, “for Newsweek it’s not,” though they don’t say why; as they refer to the magazine as “Newsweak” in their headline, and to its “dwindling circulation,” an attractive celebrity in shorts would seem a perfectly appropriate cover choice.

“Where’s the sexy photo of Mitt Romney?” asks the Christian Broadcasting Network. “Why not a picture of Tim Pawlenty with an unbuttoned shirt relaxing on a couch in the Twin Cities?” To which we can only reply: please don’t give them any ideas.

“Don’t get me wrong. She looks damn good, and good for her,” says Melvin Udall. Nonetheless, “the use of this image in this context was obviously to demean and objectify her.” He also lists Palin’s accomplishments, “and as an added bonus, all of this while looking beautiful doing it.” We’re still not seeing how Palin looking damn good and beautiful works against her, but Udall’s many angry comments about “supposed ‘feminists'” (“Dear Liberal Women, You are deserving of not one iota of respect”) suggest he wasn’t thinking clearly at the time.

“She’s pretty! You’ve noticed,” says Dan Calabrese. “Of course, you’re catty about this too. You make little comments about how her hair is too big or her glasses are too gaudy.” (We suspect he’s talking about the accompanying articles, which we haven’t had time to read — maybe the bit about her hair and glasses is in the Christopher Hitchens piece.) “Regardless of what you think of Palin,” says The Right Answer, “the slight of calling her just a good looking skirt is not only intellectual vacuous, but is simply ethically wrong.” (Yeah, that sounds like Hitchens. Maybe we should buy a copy.)

“The cover photo shows in HD from every pore, facial hair, and imperfection in the human face of Sarah,” says Limed World News, which suggests that Newsweek did an unannounced split run — one for rightbloggers, and another for the rest of us. Which, come to think of it, would explain a lot of things.

Update: The Liberal Fascism Award goes to RedState’s Erick Erickson, who goes above and beyond the call of the wild to explicate the text of the cover, not just the purty pitcher. “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sarah?” is a play on lyrics from The Sound of Music, in which “Maria, you see, was the hero and protagonist… And Maria was pursued by the Nazis. Hmmmm . . . so if Palin is Maria and Newsweek is out to get her, perhaps Newsweeks’s red, black, and white masthead is appropriate.” We look forward to the YouTube Downfall parody version.