Snuggies Will Save Christmas


I have the answer to all our economic woes! Buy Snuggies!

You know Snuggies. They’re those very chic wearable blankets that they advertise on TV and which have apparently fallen off so many trucks that everywhere from Duane Reade to K Mart now carries them in bulk.

I bought a bunch of them for Christmas gifts because they’re actually warm and useful, not to mention splashy looking (especially the zebra and hot pink prints) and they were only $15!

So I wrapped a bunch of them up and trudged them to various relatives, telling them to open them on the very special day, when they’ll go crazy with delight. And then a friend came over and visited my family for Thanksgiving and gave them all…Snuggies!

I could have been horrified that my Xmas gift had been dramatically upstaged, but the reality is you can never have enough Snuggies!

The only thing horrifying me right now is that I should have waited. They’re now going for only $10!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on December 3, 2009

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