Gabby Killer Nets Shooter Jayson Williams Now Accused of Keeping His Mouth Shut


Ex-NBA star Jayson Williams, once one of the most talkative athletes, is now a killer who won’t even talk to his lawyers.

And he owes them big-time: Williams still hasn’t gone to prison for shooting his limousine driver to death nearly eight years ago in his New Jersey mansion.

He has been acquitted of more serious charges, but he still faces retrial for reckless manslaughter in the February 2002 shooting.

While Williams was blowing away the limousine driver with a shotgun, various Harlem Globetrotters were elsewhere in the mansion — Williams always was a celebrity.

His lawyers have asked a judge to let them withdraw from his case because he won’t communicate with them. So once again his case is delayed. At least he has already settled a wrongful-death suit with the family of Costas “Gus” Christofi.

Williams remains free for recklessly killing someone, while another star athlete, Plaxico Burress, is in prison for reckless wounding himself. Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau is determined to keep Burress in prison by denying him a work-release deal. Maybe Burress would be free and still awaiting trial if he had shot someone else.

Williams is perhaps more of a danger to others when he’s on the loose. Last spring the 6-10 athlete went berserk at the Embassy Suites in Battery Park City. Cops tasered him and tossed him into the psych ward at St. Vincent’s.

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