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John Liu Sees a ‘Dark Cloud’ Over City Hall


John Liu is taking no prisoners as he prepares for his January 1 launch as city comptroller. As the Post‘s David Seifman reports, Liu has informed 60 top managers at the office that their services won’t be needed. At the same time, his web site is still advertising for resumes for all major positions including deputies for audit, budget, contracts, public finance, general counsel, and chief investment officer. Let’s hope outgoing top fiscal watchdog Bill Thompson leaves behind some detailed memos on how things work.

Meanwhile, in a sit-down with NBC legend Gabe Pressman, the comptroller-in-waiting offered no sign that his feelings have softened about Mayor Bloomberg, with whom he declined to share a photo-op cup of coffee immediately after his November victory (he later met privately with the mayor).

Liu dubbed Bloomberg’s successful end-run around term limits “a dark cloud that will continue to hang over City Hall for a long period to come.”

He also took a shot at the Mayatollah’s top claim to fame, public school improvement: The lackluster results of city school kids on recent federal test scores “cuts right to the credibility of the claim that kids are learning better in public schools,” said Liu.

In the sit-down, Pressman cut to the chase: “Do you think that someone is cooking the books?” he asked.

“We want to make sure that nobody is cooking the books in New York City in any way,” responded Liu.


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