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People! Look Where You’re Going and Stop Getting Killed by Big NYC Vehicles! (UPDATED: And now a School Bus!)


Hey, look where you’re going!

What is it with NYC pedestrians getting run over by big, ungainly vehicles in this young new year of a new decade?

Today alone we lost two local women in Brooklyn, one to a fork lift and another to a fuel truck!

Since Saturday, here’s the depressing rundown, so to speak…

–Saturday, 11:20 pm, 34th Street and 3rd Avenue, a 16-year-old girl is critically injured by a yellow cab.

–Yesterday, 7:14 pm, 42nd Street and Lexington, 77-year-old man killed by a tractor trailer.

–This morning, 7:30 am, E 14 Street and Ave M in Brooklyn, Rosemary Pratt, 46, killed by a fork lift.

–This morning, 11:37 am, Pacific St & Classon Ave in Brooklyn, 59-year-old woman killed by a fuel truck.

Wake up out there!

Update: Oh, this only gets worse. Today at about 4 pm, a woman riding her bicycle on Delancey was hit by a yellow school bus and killed.

This is turning into a bad Stephen King movie.

Update 2: How lovely, Staten Island checks in! Sure, it was only a little Honda Civic, but this time TWO pedestrians were sent to the hospital, one in critical condition, after being hit on Hylan Blvd at about 4:40 this afternoon.

I take this back, this is now turning into a bad M. Night Shyamalan flick.

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