Dangerous Jocks on the Loose? Put Gilbert Arenas, Jayson Williams, and Plaxico Burress in the Same Room and …


A can’t-miss reality show that doesn’t even need a script: Put gunslingers Gilbert Arenas, Jayson Williams, and Plaxico Burress in a room, don’t make them check their guns at the door, and, you know, let’s see what happens.

All three jocks’ bad-ass stories are converging right now. But the actuality is that Burress, the Giants’ receiver who was really only a threat to himself, is the only one of the three locked up. And the gifted football player will continue to be, now that his bid for furlough has been blocked.

Williams is the biggest danger to public safety, he’s already killed someone, and he’s the only one no one’s keeping an eye on. Unless he’s locked up soon, he’ll hurt someone else.

Arenas keeps stoking the fires of his own destruction. A professional mocker, the Washington Wizard made fun of teammate Javaris Crittenton‘s weapon in their locker room (allegedly), and both drew down (allegedly). Then Arenas mocked his situation with a mock draw-down in a pregame huddle the other night. At least the basketball player’s not likely to shoot anybody. Maybe.

Williams, on the other hand, is a loaded weapon, with or without a shotgun. The former New Jersey Net blasted his limousine driver to death a few years ago, and he still hasn’t been convicted of it.

Despite all the good work by his lawyers in that case, he won’t even talk to them. Talk about self-destructive.

But now he’s turned his craziness loose on us. On the loose, he careened his SUV wildly on Avenue C and drunkenly smashed his SUV into a tree, broke his neck, and faces new charges.

The guy’s a threat to New Yorkers, having already freaked out on the city streets before his drunk-driving adventure. In that incident, last spring, the 6-10 basketball player went nuts in Battery Park City. Cops had to taser him and ship him to a psych ward.

And now, in the most foolish reaction to sports gunplay, the New Jersey Nets have banned gambling on their team plane, citing the Washington Wizards’ card-play that ended up in gun-play.

If anything, the Nets, heading toward the worst record in NBA history, suffering with poor attendance and a beleaguered owner (Bruce Ratner), need more shooters. Like Arenas and Williams.

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