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Obama, Republicans Pretend to Listen to Each Other at Historic Meeting


Remember how at the State of the Union Address President Obama said he’d meet with Republicans to hash out the health care business? That went down today. Obama met with the Republican House Issues Conference in Baltimore and, still in ass-kicking mode, told them they’d been portraying his plan as a “Bolshevik plot.” Which is just another Obama lie, as the kind of plot they’ve been more likely to call it is “socialist.”

“The 1917 revolution in Russia brought the Bolsheviks to power,” helpfully adds ABC News. “Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin were among the leaders.”

GOP Representative Mike Pence addressed the President, first telling him that a little black boy’s “eyes lit up like I haven’t seen” when he mentioned he’d be seeing Obama. After thus softening the President up, Pence announced that the boy’s father said, “There’s just no jobs,” and said that the tax credit Obama had proposed “was last promoted by President Jimmy Carter” when he should have been advocating “the kind of across-the-board tax relief that Republicans have advocated, that President Kennedy advocated, that President Reagan advocated,” etc.

Obama responded that “the job losses from this recession proved to be much more severe in the first quarter of last year going into the second quarter of last year than anybody anticipated,” that the economists all agreed with him, that he had given tax cuts to 95 percent of Americans, and that had it not been for the stimulus, things would be much worse, particularly among cops and firemen. Obama also said he’d be writing back to the boy and his family, hopefully with a more satisfying explanation.

Pence then asked if Obama would provide an across-the-board, Kennedy-style tax cut, to which the President gave a long version of “that depends.”



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