Das Racist Cover the Beastie Boy’s Paul’s Boutique at Cameo Gallery, Enrage Internet


“Not-really-rapping-beastie-boys-and-mostly-throwing-shit-around-the-stage-while-people-walked-out,” went one review that got sent our way. Fair enough. New York was also baffled. Pictures (below) more or less confirm the story. But let’s take a moment here. This was not All Tomorrow’s Parties. My Bloody Valentine was not going to walk though that door and perform Loveless. Das Racist are two and sometimes three pranksters who are very serious about what they do but what they do is not necessarily a serious thing–they rap and they tell jokes and though they’re sick of hearing about it, the reason you know about them at all was because of a gag rap about fast food. So they were gonna get onstage and do what, exactly? Have you heard Paul’s Boutique? They were supposed to bow down and perform “Sabotage” for an encore? Let them live. If you’re not confused then they’re not doing their job. Now. Can somebody let me know what Spiderfang did? (Ah, thanks Amos Barshad! “But first, there was Spiderfang, a white guy who dressed like he was the bassist in Yeasayer and rapped about riding bikes and NPR. (‘I’m my own Fresh Air Fund/Terry Gross kicks, yeah, fresh Air Ones.’) Is this sub-scene of non-joke joke-rap an actual trend now? We’re both intrigued and terrified.”) Terrified is a good word. Scene of the crime, right here:

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