Paulie Gee’s and Pulino’s: Most Anticipated Pizzerias of 2010 Move Closer to Opening


Two of the most anticipated openings of 2010 are pizzerias–Paulie Gee’s and Pulino’s. Excitement from various quarters over these projects might even rival the breathless lead-ups to Co. and Keste.

Pulino’s, a Keith McNally venture at the Bowery and Houston, is cheffed by former San Franciscan Nate Appleman, while Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint is the culmination of a lifelong pizza-obsession on the part of Gee (Giannone), formerly a quality assurance engineer who always dreamed of opening a Neapolitan pizzeria.

Yesterday, word came that both establishments are moving closer to opening.

NBC’s new food blog Feast snagged floor plans from the closely guarded Pulino’s, while Eater noticed that Appleman’s Twitter was soliciting applications: “Hiring: cooks, pizza makers, prep, dishwashers. Anyone interested please send resumes to”

Meanwhile, over at Slice, Paulie Gee wrote in to say that he’ll be opening the doors “very soon.” He’s waiting on some work to be done by his landlord so that he can have the gas turned on and get his certificate of occupancy. He’s also hoping to get his three-phase electricity this week, so that he can start practicing with full batches of dough to see how his oven works with a large quantity of pizza.

Know of a food pantry that can supply their own to-go boxes? Gee would be happy to donate his prototype pies.

Hey, isn’t Bloomberg supposed to be streamlining the restaurant application process?


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