Bunny Chow For Sale


We recently reviewed LES newcomer Bunny Chow, a strangely appealing, eccentric restaurant that serves solid South African food–most notably the namesake dish, which consists of a curry-filled heel of bread with chutney. Bunny chow is an obsessed-over fast food in South Africa, and Bunny Chow is one of the the only places in the city to get it, along with Madiba.

But Broadway Boogie has found ads indicating the restaurant’s 74 Orchard Street space is for sale. Misrahi Realty is hawking a restaurant property on Orchard Street with a large mezzanine and a full liquor license. The photos on the realtor’s website are clearly of Bunny Chow. The asking price is $9,000 a month.

74 Orchard seems to be one of those cursed storefronts: In the last several years it has held two other failed restaurants. And this development is actually not all that surprising. Bunny Chow is (was?) a laid-back spot for pretty good food, but it never seemed all that concerned with things like efficiency or turning tables.

A call to Bunny Chow was not immediately returned, but we’ll keep you updated.


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