David Paterson Sex-Resignation Story Still Hasn’t Led to An Actual Story


If you’ve been following the news, copious reports may have led you to expect a “bombshell” story about Governor Paterson to have broken, and for the Governor to have resigned by now. Yet since the “story” broke Friday, no bombshells nor resignations have been forthcoming.

Rumor ranging from Paterson is a Swinger to Paterson Kissed a Girl in a Closet have been floated. Political reporters have taken to filing dispatches like, “People keep asking me if I have heard anything more than what everyone else has. I haven’t. You?”A Paterson spokesperson says the barrage of rumors “is a new low even by the standards of planet Albany,” and dismisses them as “fabricated out of thin air and innuendo.”

Today a story by the New York Post‘s Fred Dicker — on the Aqueduct racino deal, not the alleged improprieties — leads with accounts that Paterson is “paranoid.” Under the circumstances one could hardly blame him if he were. New York‘s Daily Intel insists “we do know there’s a story, but we just don’t know what it will be about.”

Republican contender for Paterson’s job Rick Lazio blames the Times, allegedly the place where the bombshell will or would have been printed. “If the New York Times is working on or has a story then they should confirm or print it… If they do not, then they have an obligation to stop this rumor mongering right now. Common decency demands it.” The Times seems to be the only news organization that is not trumpeting the rumors, though they have run an AP report on Paterson’s meeting with Democratic leaders — which is said to have “included discussions” regarding a “whisper campaign surrounding the governor’s behavior” — and run an Reuters report on Paterson’s lack of plans to resign.

This could turn at a moment’s notice, of course, though as Paterson and his wife admitted extramarital affairs right after he took office in 2008, we find it hard to imagine any sexual peccadillo would force him out. Till then we are treated to the spectacle of newspeople filling pages with stories about remains a non-story.


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