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Raj Rajaratnam’s College Chum, Rajiv Goel, Pleads Guilty in Galleon Case; Another Pal Remains Defiant


The feds continue to wipe out pawns as they move toward checkmate of alleged inside-trading kingpin Raj Rajaratnam. Yesterday’s guilty plea by Rajaratnam’s college chum (and ex-Intel exec) Rajiv Goel wraps up yet another conspirator.

But the alleged queen of the scheme, Danielle Chiesi, remains defiant.

Ten people have pled guilty in the Galleon case. Goel, who technically faces up to 25 years in prison, expressed remorse Monday in federal court in Manhattan.

However, Chiesi, who has been under arrest since October, tells Reuters that she and Rajaratnam are innocent and that “there is not even a chance we will do one day in jail” for the scheme, which started unraveling in public last October.

Rajaratnam is said to be the richest Sri Lankan-born person in the world. His arrest last October sent the Colombo stock market into a tailspin.


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