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David Weprin Wins Special Election; Others Held; Hiram Monserrate’s Seat Up March 16


In that special assembly election in Queens we almost missed, former city councilmember David Weprin took the seat held by his brother and his daddy before him, 62 percent of the vote versus Bob Friedrich’s 38 percent. Weprin’s faces an election-election in November.

And look, there were other special elections around the state, in suburban districts where things went much less the Democrats’ way.

The Republicans picked up two seats (Dean Murray in Suffolk County and Bob Castelli in Westchester). Castelli’s is the first GOP win in the district in 17 years. Michael Montesano held a GOP seat in Nassau. The chamber remains heavily Democratic. HuffPo’s David Singer says this will accelerate a “stampede” toward Cuomo to replace Paterson at the top of the ticket.

Speaking of toppled officials, Albany’s already got a date for Hiram Monserrate’s state senate seat, which was vacated by his removal last night in a senate vote. It’s March 16, unless Monserrate, who’s lawyering up as we speak, manages to block it. “We look forward to the court’s intervening to protect the constitutional rights of the people that I represent,” says Monserrate. His constituents’ outrage at their disenfranchisement is not recorded. Who knows, maybe Monserrate will run in the special election. You can’t keep a good man down!


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