The Best Thing Ever Coming to an Animal Palace Near You This Long Weekend


The Best Thing Ever are three musically inclined college friends from Boston University who reunite occasionally for novelty-themed tours. First there was the 2006 Bathroom Tour, in which the trio showed up unannounced to a predetermined set of New England toilets to lead acoustic singalongs–some of them covers, some originals–much at the bafflement of those using the johns for other things. (Witness.) In 2007, there was Surprise Tour, a three-week national trek of ambushed shows in unexpectant places like a Waffle House, a truck stop, a cow pasture. Then there was a Retirement Tour in 2008, which included old-age homes, graves, and the sidewalk outside a Young@Heart show at the Beacon Theater. Now upon us is the Animal Tour, a three-day stint in which Noah Britton, Jen Page, and Alex Billig (also in the Eskalators) will perform at a dog shelter, a zoo, a poultry dealer, a pet store. As of this moment, they’re probably getting kicked out of the NYC Aquarium, but tonight they’re at the Silent Barn (get it?) for $5–bring a pet and get in free. Consider this a hearty endorsement.

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