Nancy Elliott Apologizes for Anti-Gay Slur; Her Colleagues Try, Fail to Ban Gay Marriage in New Hampshire


You may remember Nancy Elliott, the New Hampshire legislator who complained that the state’s gay marriage law, signed by the governor in June, allowed “taking the penis of a man and putting it in the rectum of another man and wriggling it around in excrement.” She was trying to get the New Hampshire house judiciary committee to recommend repeal of gay marriage but, her eloquence notwithstanding, did not succeed.

Today Elliott apologized for her remarks — at least some of them. She acknowledged that she couldn’t verify the story she told that that fifth-graders were being taught in New Hampshire public schools how to have anal sex. “I will try much harder in the future to verify fully my statements,” she said. Presumably she still finds buttsecks ick.

Meanwhile her fellow Republicans in the legislature were busy trying to ban gay marriage:

This afternoon opponents of gay marriage tried to get the New Hampshire house to support a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, which would overrule the prior marriage vote. That didn’t get the three-fifths majority required to send it to the state senate — in fact, it didn’t even get a simple majority, losing 201-135.

Republicans vow to take back the legislature so they can ban gay marriage for good. (h/t Joe My God.)



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