“Then The Doos Mentioned That He Was Not Actually Mike D, Just Some Other Mike D From Brooklyn”: In Praise Of Pitchfork’s Die Antwoord Interview


It exists: South Africa’s thoroughly bewildering “zef rap rave” crew Die Antwoord, in conversation with dear friend-of-SOTC Ryan Dombal over at Pitchfork. Topics include their abrupt surge of Internet fame (“A lot of people suddenly like me a lot”), whether or not they’re performance artists (“We do perform live and we do make art, so you can call it what you want. It’s cool, we don’t mind.”), the movie they’re working on (“This final scene is going be sort of like this hallucinogenic erotic nightmare”), and the whole fake-Mike-D thing, which someone should go ahead and take credit for. Ryan, incidentally, translates “doos”‘ as “lady’s shy part.”