Isaac Mizrahi Tells Trippy Fairytale Story


Fashion Week ended with a fairytale happy ending, thanks in part to Isaac Mizrahi‘s “Central Park Story Book” fall collection. So what’s it like getting a fifteen-minute peek into the mind of the fashion-forward fairy godfather? Think: the Upper East Side on ecstasy. Elevated bag ladies, fanciful fairies, haute game and wildlife, and samurai warrior princesses floated within a bling’d-out urbanosphere.

For Mizrahi, this year’s fall femme fatale is soft, relaxed, and feminine with a finesse of understated badass–the badass part being especially attributed to his “Society Samurai” chapter, which was inspired by the Met’s Japanese Armour Show.

In terms of “The Look,” the models drifted along the runway with natural muted faces and disheveled tresses pulled back in low ponytails.

Some of our fave accouterments include the fur-fringed hoodies, the kaleidoscopic leggings, the look-at-me! muppetfur coat (a.k.a. Fraggle Rock on acid), the ice-lizard blazer, the foxtail scarves, and the Cinderella glass slippers.

What’s a fairytale without a lil’ bit of romance? Our hearts were in a whimsy during his “Parka Avenue” and “Vagrant Fairies” chapters, particularly when the leafy green cocktail and the sunburnt wanderlace one-piece pranced down the runway. There was also some serious bling action in the designer’s “Fish and Wildlife” chapter, in which we were happily blinded by the set of crocodile dresses that came in tangerine, pinkberry, and diamond.

For the red carpet look, Mizrahi did not disappoint. A number of his “Seven Winter Fairies,” who, by the by, had to weather the faux snow falling from the Bryant Park Tent Heavens, were draped in flowing evening gowns that had lots of poofy drama billowing out at their ends.

When the “Story Book” ended, we dreamily walked out of The Tent, wondering if the fairy godfather would be so merciful to grant us one humble, discounted request. Target, please?